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This week, they were forced to remember, because Britain’s decision to leave the E.U. — which was partly motivated by people who want a return to old-fashioned forms of sovereignty — has the potential to drag Northern Ireland out of the realm of blurred identities and back into the clear blue, zero-sum, black-and-white world of stark choices. The most important one sounds like a technicality: If Britain leaves not only the European Union’s political institutions (which is certain) but also its customs union (which is optional,discount uggs though the Brexiteers are pushing for this), then there has to be a customs border between Britain and Ireland. Either that border can run through the middle of the island, once again separating north and south, or it can lie, in effect, in the Irish Sea, between the island of Ireland and the British mainland. The construction of a border through the island is not just unpopular; it is probably also impossible. There are hundreds of roads and paths across the border, not to mention fields and forests that straddle it. Chances that border posts would be circumvented, ignored, vandalized or worse are high; the possibility that the border would revive the Irish Republican Army cannot be excluded. British Prime Minister Theresa May took the other road: Perhaps Northern Ireland and the Republic could maintain “regulatory alignment” — a curious phrase that could imply that the North stays in the customs union with Ireland, while the rest of the U.K. takes off in a different direction. In other words, the border would move to the Irish Sea. discount real Ugg BootsThe result? May’s coalition partners, the Democratic Unionists, revolted. Suddenly, they feared losing sovereignty once again. Their leader could not have been more clear: “We will not accept any form of regulatory divergence which separates Northern Ireland economically or politically from the rest of the United Kingdom.” Negotiations ground to a halt.